Order Your 2021 Poster Updates

Order your 2021 All-On-One labor law posters to ensure you have the most recent posting updates displayed so that your workplace remains in compliance with posting responsibilities.

State Posters

StateUpdate Option 1Update Option 22021 Wage Rate & Statewide Changes
AlaskaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$10.34/hour
ArizonaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$12.15/hour
CaliforniaAll-On-One Poster$14.00/hour (26+)

$13.00/hour (1-25) CFRA
CaliforniaIWCs 1-14$14.00/hour (26+)

$13.00/hour (1-25)
ColoradoAll-On-One Poster$12.32/hour

Paid Leave

FloridaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$8.65/hour
IllinoisAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$11.00/hour
MaineAll-On-One Poster$12.15/hour

Earned Paid Leave
MassachusettsAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdatePaid Family and Medical Leave
MichiganAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$9.65/hour
MinnesotaAll-On-One Poster$10.08/hour (large)

$8.21/hour (small)

Parental Leave
MissouriAll-On-One Poster$10.30/hour

Unemployment Insurance
MontanaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$8.75/hour
NevadaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateNV OSHA penalties
New JerseyWage Orders$12.00/hour
New MexicoAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$10.50/hour
New YorkAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$12.50/hour
New YorkWage Orders$12.50/hour
North CarolinaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateWorkers' Compensation
OhioAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$8.80/hour
OklahomaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateWorkers' Compensation
UtahAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateUnemployment Insurance
VermontAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$11.75/hour
Federal ContractorsAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$10.95/hour

City/County Posters

City/County Poster2021 Wage Rate
Flagstaff, AZ$15.00/hour
Belmont, CA$15.90/hour
Burlingame, CA$15.00/hour
Cupertino, CA$15.65/hour
Daly City, CA$15.00/hour
East Palo Alto, CA$15.00/hour
El Cerrito, CA$15.61/hour
Half Moon Bay, CA$15.00/hour
Hayward, CA$15.00/hour (26+)

$14.00/hour (1-25)
Los Altos, CA$15.65/hour
Menlo Park, CA$15.25/hour
Mountain View, CA$16.30/hour
Novato, CA$15.24/hour (100+)

$15.00/hour (26-99)

$14.00/hour (1-25)
Oakland, CA$14.36/hour
Oakland, CA Hotels$15.50/hour (w/health benefits)
$20.82/hour (w/out health benefits)
Palo Alto, CA$15.65/hour
Petaluma, CA$15.20/hour
Redwood City, CA$15.62/hour
Richmond, CA$15.21/hour
San Carlos, CA$15.24/hour
San Diego, CA$14.00/hour
San Francisco HCSO, CA$3.18/hr health care (100+)

$2.12/hr health care (20-99)
San Jose, CA$15.45/hour
San Mateo, CA$15.62/hour
Santa Clara, CA$15.65/hour
Santa Rosa, CA$15.20/hour
Sonoma, CA$15.00/hour (26+)

$14.00/hour (1-25)
South San Francisco, CA$15.24/hour
Sunnyvale, CA$16.30/hour
Denver, CO$14.77/hour
Broward Co., FL$13.61 w/benefits
$17.05 w/o benefits
Albuquerque, NM$10.50/hour
$9.50/hour (w/ $2,500 annual benefits)
Bernalilo Co., NM$9.35/hour
Las Cruces, NM$10.50/hour
Portland, ME$12.15/hour
SeaTac, WA$16.57/hour
Seattle, WA$16.69/hour (501+)

$16.69/hour (1-500) (wob)

$15.00/hour (1-500) (wb)