Kathy White, J.D.


Washington State Bans Salary History

This month, Washington State became the ninth state to prohibit private employers from seeking the wage or salary history of job applicants. Laws barring the use of salary history from pre-employment consideration are intended to remedy persistent earning inequalities between men and women. The reasoning is that historically, women have been offered lower initial pay Read more

Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

On July 1, 2019, two new ordinances will go into effect in Seattle, Washington, giving domestic workers labor rights and protections traditionally reserved for mainstream employees. The Domestic Workers Ordinance (a.k.a. “Domestic Workers Bill of Rights”) gives minimum wage, meal and rest break rights to domestic workers. The other ordinance extends the protections of the Read more

Paid Parental Leave

Both new parents and newborns experience immediate and long-term benefits given adequate time to develop a strong bond from the outset of the relationship, yet many parents are forced to choose between the bonding experience and a paycheck. Lawmakers are attempting to change that dilemma. Momentum is gaining for a national law that would provide Read more

New Mexico Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Inching Upward Next January, over 20 states are expected to increase their minimum wage rates for the coming year. Some states up their minimum wage rates by implementing an adjustment based on the annual increase in the cost of living. Other states follow a schedule of legislatively established minimum wage rate increases over Read more

Maryland’s Legislature Passes the $15 Minimum Wage Challenge

Maryland minimum wage workers will notice a substantial 9% increase in their paychecks next year. Last month, the Maryland legislature passed into law a bill increasing the state’s minimum wage rate every year until the minimum wage reaches $15.00 per hour for all employees. Passage of the law required both the House and Senate to Read more

Employee security search

Frlekin v. Apple, Inc. is one of several California Wage Order interpretation cases that merit watching this year. The California Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether retail employees should be compensated for the time spent while their personal belongings are searched by store management prior to exiting the premises. The question turns on the Read more

On-Call Shift

A recent California Court of Appeals decision is certain to have a big impact on employers in the mercantile industry that schedule their employees for on-call shifts. Earlier this month, the California Court of Appeal in Ward v. Tilly’s decided that an employer who requires its employees to call in prior to the start of Read more

California Salary History Ban

California is one of 13 states to limit an employer’s investigation into and use of an applicant’s salary history information during the hiring process.  California’s salary history law first went into effect on January 1, 2018, as a measure to address the wage gap that persists between men and women.  California’s law prohibits employers from Read more