2017 Tennessee Wage /Child Peel 'N Post

Tennessee 2017 Wage / Child Peel ‘N Post™


Update your Tennessee All-On-One™ or Mobile Poster Pak™ with this 2017 Tennessee Wage Regulations / Child Labor Peel ‘N Post™ sticker.

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The law requires additional posters for your industry

Pick your industry to be in complete compliance with all state and federal labor laws for your state and industry.

The 2017 Tennessee Wage/Child Peel ‘N Post™ adheres to existing Tennessee All-On-One™ Labor Law Posters and Mobile Poster Paks™ to ensure required workplace posters are compliant.

The Wage Regulations Act/Child Labor Act posting informs employees of state laws governing pay days, rest period requirements, equal pay, and the employment of minors. Employers are required to provide notice of the establishment’s regular paydays in the space provided.

In August 2017, the Tennessee Wage Regulations Act section of the posting was updated to reflect a new law which changes the required frequency of wage payments from semi-monthly to at least once per month. This law went into effect in May of 2017. In the Child Labor Act section of the posting, some of the list items have been renumbered but not substantially changed. There are also minor design revisions throughout the posting.

The revision date for this posting has been changed to 8/17 for the English and 12/2017 for the Spanish.

Posting Requirements

The Tennessee Wage Regulations Act requires all private employers with 5 or more employees to post and maintain notices setting forth the regular pay day. This notice must be posted in at least two conspicuous places where the notices can be seen by the employees as they go to and from work (T.C.A. § 50-2-103). The Tennessee Department of Labor provides the Tennessee Wage Regulations Act / Child Labor Act notice as a required state posting to fulfill this requirement and provide additional information on labor laws.

The Tennessee Child Labor Act requires all employers with one or more employees under the age of 18 to post the Child Labor Act posting in a conspicuous place on the business premises (T.C.A. § 50-5-111).