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Colorado COMPS Order #36 Poster Peel ‘N Post™


Colorado employers are required to post the COMPS Order #36 Poster where it can be easily seen by employees to inform them of time and pay standards that apply to their work.

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What is Colorado COMPS Order #36?

As of March 16, 2020, Colorado workplaces are regulated by the new Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards Order (COMPS Order) #36. The COMPS Order, like the state’s prior annually issued wage orders, is the source of critical Colorado wage rights and responsibilities. Among the changes contained in the COMPS Order are changes to employer posting responsibilities, including the requirement to post the Colorado COMPS Order #36 Poster (COMPS Poster).

  • Employers who have an existing Colorado All-On-One™ Poster or Mobile Poster Pak™ can comply with the posting requirement using the COMPS Order #36 Poster Peel ‘N Post sticker.
  • New customers should purchase the 2020 Colorado All-On-One Poster or Colorado Mobile Poster Pak.


What Changes are Reflected on the COMPS Poster?

The COMPS Order was adopted to better reflect modern labor markets and eliminate confusing terminology used in prior wage orders. The COMPS Poster summarizes wage rights and work time regulated by the COMPS Order, including new standards:

  • Expanding the COMPS Order to all private sector work unless specifically exempted. Previously, wage orders only applied to 4 specific industries – Retail/Service, Commercial Support Service, Food/Beverage, Health/Medical.
  • Expanding the definition of “time worked” to include work routines such as changing clothes, cleanup/set up, clocking in/out, security screening, etc. exceeding 1 minute.
  • Timing of meal and rest periods.
  • Annual minimum salary requirements for executive, administrative and professional employees.
  • Key employee exemptions, old and new.
  • Elimination of uniform security deposits.


Who Must Post the Colorado COMPS Poster?

Nearly all Colorado private employers in all industries must display the COMPS Poster in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday. (COMPS Rule 7.4)

  • Exception: If physical posting is impractical (i.e., work from home, work sites entirely outdoors), employers must provide a copy of either the COMPS Poster or the COMPS Order to each employee within the first month of employment.
  • Distribution: Employers must provide the COMPS Poster upon request and include a copy of the COMPS Order or COMPS Poster with any written handbook or policies. If an employee must sign receipt of a handbook, the employee must sign receipt of the COMPS Order/Poster.
  • Translation: If employees have limited English language ability, employers must provide the COMPS Order and/or COMPS Poster in the employee’s spoken language, if available.
  • Enforcement: An employer who fails to comply with posting requirements is ineligible for any employee-specific credits, deductions or certain exemptions in the COMPS Order.
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