Guam Fair Chances Hiring Poster


Employers with more than 15 employees are required to post the Guam Fair Chances Hiring Poster where employees can readily see it.


8.5″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 74757

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Product Description

The Guam Fair Chances Hiring Poster provides information on the Fair Chances Hiring Process Act. The Fair Chances Hiring Process Act imposes restrictions on the employer use of arrest and conviction records in hiring and employment decisions.

The Guam Fair Chances Hiring Poster describes the law, who it covers, and exemptions. It also provides a list of prohibited actions by employers, and a description of information that the employer must provide if an applicant believes the employer has taken adverse action against them based on a pending criminal case or criminal history. Contact information is supplied for the Guam Department of Labor and Fair Employment Practice Division.

The Guam Fair Chances Hiring Process Act applies to every employer with more than 15 employees, and covers employees and job applicants who are or would be performing work in Guam.

Posting Requirement

The Guam Fair Chances Hiring Poster must be posted in an conspicuous location where it may be viewed by a majority of the company’s employees, including but not limited to employee break-rooms, Human Resource offices, jobsites, or other places where employees congregate. (17 G.A.R. Ch. 6, Art. 2 6203)

Although the Act went into effect on February 08, 2018, the law requires the mandatory poster to be designed and approved by the Guam Fair Employment Practice Division (FEPD).  The FEPD-approved version has a revision date of 8.20.18.