Guide to COVID-19 Coronavirus Safety, Symptoms and Recovery Pamphlet


The Guide to COVID-19 Coronavirus Safety, Symptoms and Recovery Pamphlet is an effective tool businesses can use to inform employees, customers, patients and residents about how Coronavirus is spread and 10 steps for managing the illness at home. (Pamphlet 10-pack).

8.5″ x 11″ – Tri-fold pamphlet

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Who should buy the Guide to COVID-19 Coronavirus Safety, Symptoms and Recovery Pamphlet?

Informing employees and the public about how COVID-19 spreads, the symptoms of the illness, and self-care practices an individual with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 should know about facilitates their recovery and reduces the risk of transmission to healthy persons.

How can pamphlets be made available?

The COVID-19 Safety, Symptoms and Recovery Pamphlet can be provided to employees, customers, patients and caregivers, and housing residents to educate them about the virus. The pamphlet can be placed in break and interview rooms, included with pay statements, displayed in reception areas and waiting rooms, and placed at security check points.

What topics does the pamphlet cover?

How to Protect Yourself and Others

The pamphlet explains how COVID-19 is spread and highlights the steps that individuals can take to avoid exposure to the virus and prevent spreading the virus to others if one is sick. This includes avoiding close contact with with people who don’t live with you as much as possible, wearing a face mask in public, practicing good hand hygiene and cough etiquette, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and social distancing in public places and the workplace.

Ten Things You Can Do to Manage Your COVID-19 Symptoms at Home

Most individuals who contract COVID-19 have mild illness and are able to recover at home. This portion of the pamphlet emphasizes simple steps an infected individual can take to care for their own health while at home. The pamphlet is also informative for any person caring for someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 illness. The pamphlet describes the most common symptoms of the virus, recuperative self-care measures, and routines an infected person can implement to prevent transmission to others.


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