2017 Missouri Workers' Compensation Peel 'N Post

Missouri 2017 Workers’ Compensation Peel ‘N Post™


Update your Missouri All-On-One™ or Mobile Poster Pak™ with this 2017 Workers’ Compensation Peel ‘N Post™ sticker.

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The law requires additional posters for your industry

Pick your industry to be in complete compliance with all state and federal labor laws for your state and industry.

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation posting includes a new section that provides a website address where individuals can find more information on benefits available for occupational diseases due to toxic exposure. The posting also includes updated felony classes for fraud and noncompliance. A telecommunications device/text telephone has been added to the posting.

Posting Requirements

All employers covered by the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law are required to post the Missouri Workers’ Compensation posting at their place of employment (Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 287.127).