2018 Missouri Unemployment Insurance Peel 'N Post

Missouri 2018 Unemployment Insurance Peel ‘N Post™


Update your Missouri All-On-One™ or Mobile Poster Pak™ with this 2018 Unemployment Insurance Peel ‘N Post™ sticker.

English and Spanish.

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The law requires additional posters for your industry

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The 2018 Missouri Unemployment Insurance Peel ‘N Post™ adheres to existing Missouri All-On-One™ Labor Law Posters and Mobile Poster Paks™ to ensure required workplace posters are compliant with state law and posting requirements.

The Unemployment Insurance posting has been redesigned and updated with new filing information. Individuals can apply for unemployment insurance benefits when they are unemployed, laid off or working less than full time, or lose their job through no fault of their own or quit for a valid reason related to the work or the employer. The posting provides information on when and how to apply for unemployment insurance benefits. To file a claim, employees need to visit uinteract.labor.mo.gov and create a user account. Employees also have the option to file their claims by calling a Regional Claims Center.

Lastly, the unemployment insurance posting clarifies the importance of proper worker classification. Worker misclassification is bad business for workers and employer. Workers improperly classified may not be able to qualify for unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation coverage and employer tax contributions. Individuals are asked to report immediately if they have been improperly classified or suspect a business is improperly classifying workers.

Posting Requirement

As required by Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 288.130 and Division of Employment Security Code of State Regulations 8 CSR 10-3.070, Missouri employers must post the Unemployment Insurance posting in a conspicuous place.