New Brunswick 2019 Minimum Wage Peel 'N Post

New Brunswick 2019 Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™


Update your New Brunswick All-On-One™ or Mobile Poster Pak™ with the 2019 New Brunswick Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ sticker.

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The 2019 New Brunswick Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ adheres to existing New Brunswick All-On-One™ Labor Law Posters and Mobile Poster Paks™, allowing you to update informational workplace notices quickly and affordably. Posting informational notices in the workplace ensures that workers and supervisors are informed of their rights and responsibilities under the law. CPC’s exclusive line of Canadian All-On-One™ Labour Law Posters provides informational notices on provincial employment standards, occupational health and safety rules, workers’ compensation, and unemployment.

The “Employees’ Rights Under the New Brunswick Employment Standards Act” notice provides information on the provincial minimum wage, overtime pay, rules of payment, holidays and vacation, and coverage under the Act. The Employment Standards Act applies to most employers with one or more employees working within the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

The Employees’ Rights notice has been updated to reflect an increase to the minimum wage. Effective April 1, 2019, the New Brunswick minimum wage increases to $11.50 per hour. The New Brunswick minimum wage is adjusted yearly for increases to the New Brunswick Consumer Price Index. There are special minimum wage rates for some employees in specific industries.

How To Use the 2019 New Brunswick Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post

Simply peel off the backing from the New Brunswick 2019 Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ sticker, and place the adhesive side on top of the outdated notice.