2018 Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice Peel 'N Post

Tennessee 2018 Workers Compensation Peel ‘N Post™


Update your Tennessee All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster with the 2018 Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice Peel ‘N Post™ sticker.

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The 2018 Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice Peel ‘N Post™ adheres to existing Tennessee All-On-One™ Labor Law Posters to ensure that mandatory workplace posters are compliant.

The Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice provides information for employees and employers on how to report a work-related injury. In June 2018, the Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice was redesigned and revised. The section describing which employers are statutorily required to carry workers’ compensation insurance has been removed from the notice.

The steps describing employer responsibilities have also been revised to clarify that the employer must complete the steps even if they have concerns about the validity of the claim, and that in the case of an emergency, the employer should wait to provide the required form until an ambulance has been called and the employee has stabilized.

The employer is required to fill in the labeled sections with the name and title, telephone number, and address of an employer representative to be notified in the event of a work-related injury. On the most recent version of this form, the employer must also provide the name of an alternative employee representative.

Posting Requirements

The Tennessee Workers Compensation Notice must be posted and maintained in a conspicuous place on the business premises by every individual, firm, association, or corporation using the services of one (1) or more persons for pay (Tennessee Code § 50-6-407).

The employer must fill in the required information describing the employer representative in order for the notice to be compliant with the posting requirement.