2022 Summer Poster Updates

Order your summer All-On-One labor law posters to ensure you have the most recent posting updates displayed so that your workplace remains in compliance with posting responsibilities.

State Posters

StateUpdate Option 1Update Option 2Mid-Year Wage Rate & Statewide Changes
ConnecticutAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateOffice of the Healthcare Advocate
GeorgiaAll-On-One PosterWorkers' Compensation: Bill of Rights & Panel of Physicians
District of ColumbiaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update

Peel 'N Post Update
$16.10/hour (non-tipped)
$5.35/hour (tipped),
Equal Employment Opportunity
LouisianaAll-On-One PosterEIC 2022, Independent Contractor or Employee
MarylandAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateMinimum Wage - Overtime Exception
NevadaAll-On-One Poster$9.50/hour (w/benefits)
$10.50/hour (w/out benefits)
OT $14.25/hour (w/benefits)
OT $15.75/hour (w/out benefits)

New JerseyAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdatePayment of Wages
New MexicoAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdatePaid Sick Leave
New YorkAll-On-One PosterSexual Harassment
New YorkSpecialty PosterElectronic Monitoring
OregonAll-On-One Poster$13.50/hour (Standard)
$14.75/hour (Portland)
$12.50/hour (Nonurban)
VirginiaAll-On-One PosterSeizure First Aid, VOSHA
Washington StateAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateJob Safety & Health

City/County Posters

City/County PosterMid-Year Wage Rate & Changes
Alameda, CA$15.75/hour
Berkeley, CA$16.99/hour
Emeryville, CA$17.68/hour
Fremont, CA$16.00/hour
Los Angeles, CA City$16.04/hour
Los Angeles, CA City Contractors$16.04/hour (with benefits)
$17.29/hour (w/out benefits)
Los Angeles, CA Airports$18.04/hour (with benefits)
$23.81/hour (w/out benefits)
Los Angeles, CA County$15.96/hour
Malibu, CA$15.96/hour
Milpitas, CA$16.40/hour
Pasadena, CA$16.11/hour
San Francisco, CA$16.99/hour
San Francisco, CA$19.15/hour (for profit)
$17.34/hour (non-profit)
$18.00 (public)
City/County contractors
San Francisco, CA$6.10 (benefit comp)
City/County contractors
San Francisco, CAFamily Friendly Workplace
San Leandro, CA LWO$TBA/hour
Santa Monica, CA$15.96/hour
Santa Monica, CA Hotels$18.17/hour
West Hollywood, CA$16.50/hour (50+)
$16.00/hour (1-49)
West Hollywood, CA Hotels$18.40/hour
Chicago, IL$15.40/hour (21+)
$14.50/hour (4-20)
Chicago, ILFair Workweek
Chicago, ILSexual Harassment
Cook County, IL$13.35/hour non-tipped
$7.40/hour tipped
Baltimore, MD LWO$17.24/hour
Montgomery County, MD$15.65/hour (51+)
$14.50/hour (11-50)
$14.00/hour (≤10)
Saint Paul, MN$13.50/hour (101-10,000)
$12.00/hour (6-100)
$10.75/hour (1-5)
Bernalillo, NMPaid Time Off