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Corporate clients have unique needs, often having multiple locations that each have their own posting requirements, and delivery addresses all across the United States and Canada. With a dedicated legal staff, Compliance Poster Company is uniquely positioned to help large and mid-sized employers achieve complete compliance with all local, state, and federal posting requirements.

CPC has been keeping companies in compliance since 1989, and it has become the most trusted and technologically advanced labor law posting compliance provider in the industry. CPC’s clients span the United States and Canada, and include Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized businesses. Clients have streamlined their compliance efforts and saved money when they switched to CPC from wasteful and costly poster subscription programs.

How can you ensure that all company locations are up-to-date with labor law postings, without paying for postings you don’t need?

Compliance Poster Company’s corporate solutions ensure complete compliance with all mandatory to post and mandatory to communicate regulations, without selling costly subscriptions that charge you even when you don’t need new posters. CPC’s program consists of the following (Click each to learn more):

  • Dashboard Login– Sign in to our secure compliance dashboard for access to your corporate tools.
  • Dedicated Compliance Advisors– a team of experts to ensure all of your locations are compliant.
  • Secure Compliance Dashboard– gives you instant, on demand access to all of CPCs tools
  • E-Integration– Allows for business automation, connecting our ERP platform to your backend systems
  • E-Tracking– Supply chain management using bar codes to provide complete tracking and delivery information
  • E-Access– On demand access to PDF versions of posters
  • E-Access Plus– Printable versions of postings, allowing instant compliance for remote locations
  • E-Auto Comply– Receive the latest postings as they become available without having to act
  • E-Wage– Minimum wage details for every location in the United States
  • E-Alerts– E-mail notification of changes affecting your locations
  • E-Sign– Reduces liability by ensuring compliance from location managers
  • E-Checklist– Tell at a glance which postings are required for each of your locations
  • Custom Posters– Add logos, colors, and other branding elements, or design completely new posters
  • In House Legal Team– Ensures posters are up to date by proactively tracking compliance related legislation across the USA and Canada

We’re so confident in the accuracy of our products that we offer a 100% Compliance Guarantee, which includes a $2,000,000 limit Errors & Omissions insurance policy. If you receive a citation or legal judgment as a result of a posting error on a product you purchased from us, we will file a claim under our insurance policy, not yours. Also, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product(s) within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

Let our Compliance Advisors focus on your company’s labor law posting compliance so that you can focus on your core business. Contact the CPC Compliance Team today at 1-800-817-7678.


Customer engagement happens at the intersection of a need and contact. Human Resource Departments demand today’s labor law vendors representatives move with intelligence and accurate guidance. Fast track labor updates & insights and drive rapid efficient results at all site locations with CPC’s Compliance Advisors. We outpace the competition in this position by certifying each advisor through a complex training, testing, and certification program. Once certified, the foundation is set to deliver an exceptional experience to exceed all expectations of our business partners.

  • Treated equally regardless of amount of site locations (No transferring to different departments)
  • Adapt to ever changing labor law compliance environment. (Municipal/City/State/Industry specific requirements)
  • Each Compliance Advisor is extensively trained, tested, and certified in the field of labor law compliance, and has years of experience working in the field, making them well-qualified to evaluate needs and develop practical solutions for employers in every industry, state, or locality.
  • Inform companies by phone or email whenever there is a pending or mandatory poster updates. With a separate legal department diligently tracking proposed legislation, Compliance Advisors can also provide customers with a heads-up on proposed or passed laws, regulations, and rules that may affect a posting requirement.
  • Compliance Advisors are honest, friendly and professional. They can explain compliance legalities in layman’s terms, share insights gleaned from years of experience, and deliver practical guidance so that our business partners are assured of their compliance. There are no tricky sales tactics or pushing unnecessary products.
  • Actively listen to organizational representatives so they can be responsive to the unique challenges of each individual organization. Compliance Advisors are eager to answer questions by phone, text, or email, whether it’s a quick question about a small matter, or if the size and complexity of the organization requires intensive ongoing support. Every organization, regardless of size or industry, receives Compliance Poster Company’s full attention.

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As posting requirements expand, CPC has continued to leverage technology with several proactive and powerful data management tools which are available through our exclusive Compliance Dashboard. This system provides HR professionals with access to a full suite of compliance tools enabling them to be more proactive, efficient, reactive, and cost effective to the rapidly changing compliance landscape. In addition, it is extremely valuable for corporate, PEO, or distributor customer service teams allowing them to be more responsive to their customers without numerous calls, emails, or back and forth communication. The Dashboard assists in risk mitigation, reduction of contingent liability, cost containment, financial planning, economic efficiencies, and maintaining an accelerated time-to-market. The best feature of the Dashboard is that it is totally secure and fully customizable and branded with the client’s logo and colors, and many more tools are available depending upon the client’s needs.

Log in to the secure compliance dashboard here.

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CPC’s E-Integration program leverages the functionality of our SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Software, or ERP, system to ensure the fast, accurate, and reliable movement of data between our computer system and yours. Using E-Integration, you can view up-to-the-hour data for your account, including purchase orders, tracking and fulfillment information, and accounting documents. You can also submit order and location data electronically to make getting in compliance as easy as possible.

E-Integration accepts and transmits the following data types and processes:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • XML
  • EDI
  • FTP
  • Coupa
  • Ariba network

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CPC’s E-Tracking program optimizes supply-chain management for businesses with multiple locations. E-Tracking uses a bar coding system to digitize logistics, shipping, and delivery information.

E-Tracking reports can be generated once or automated for regular use. While you can view reports on CPC’s Compliance Dashboard, E-Tracking also allows you to receive reports by email or FTP to a folder for later retrieval. You can track your shipments using one of CPC’s preconfigured reports or customize a report for specific requirements. Our system can accommodate the reporting needs of most businesses off the shelf, and can be customized to meet any less common needs.

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CPC’s E-Access program provides reference copies of their library of posters as PDF files for corporate clients through the Compliance Dashboard. This enables HR professionals, PEO help desk personnel, and other employees to review exact copies of the posters they have hanging on the wall. While these are not a substitute for posting requirements, they make it so that HR questions from remote locations can easily be answered , and includes not just All-On-One™ posters, but state specific, city/county, specialty, and wage order posters as well.

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Building upon the E-Access program, E-Access Plus allows clients to actually print posters on demand in their own location. This is especially useful for mobile offices, offices requiring custom posters, and locations where an OSHA inspection is expected before full Poly Vinyl posters would arrive.

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CPC’s E-Auto Comply option is a valuable service geared towards companies that want to speed their compliance efforts by eliminating approval communication for every mandatory update. Our Compliance Advisors help reduce the time of responding to each required update notification and avoid any email communication being filtered into Junk/spam mail or potential missed email(s)/voicemail(s).

  • Avoid unnecessary communication approving orders for mandatory poster updates.
  • No upfront payments, but you’re able to lock in current pricing. Pay only when required posters change and are shipped to your locations.
  • The program is customized to the needs of your locations, including any Mandatory update you request, which can include Peel ’N Post™, All-On-One™, City/County, State Specific, and Industry Specific posters.
  • Receive notifications via email when items are shipped. Reporting can occur on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or custom schedule to meet your needs.

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Business with multiple locations often face differing minimum wage rates based on state, county, and municipal requirements. E-Wage provides a visual searchable interface that makes it easy to see the exact up-to-date minimum wage rate for all of your locations. Never guess as to what the minimum wage is, when you have an up to date list of every minimum wage in the country.

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CPC sends out alerts by e-mail when states have required updates to their posters. Since important e-mails often get improperly flagged as spam, accidentally deleted, or just end up buried by other messages, E-Alerts is an on demand archive of all posting change notices that gives access to all of these messages at your convenience.

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One problem many businesses face is ensuring that all locations actually post required notices instead of just keeping them in a poster tube in the closet. Even if the correct posters are ordered, paid for, and shipped on time to keep pace with legislative changes, a location can still incur large fines if the managers of individual locations fail to post them.

To combat this issue, CPC has developed our E-Sign platform, which goes beyond tracking packages, and allows a business to track which locations have actually put up their latest posters.

How it works:

  • A custom link is sent out electronically along with shipment notifications to each location
  • The manager at each location clicks the link, and completes a form (including an electronic signature) to indicate they have put up their posters
  • Reports are provided to show which locations have responded as having put up their posters
  • Those which have not indicated they hung their posters can then be contacted to ensure compliance

Don’t risk costly fines because location managers delay posting required notices. Ensure compliance with CPCs E-Sign platform for corporate clients.

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Labor laws are rapidly evolving all across the United States and Canada. These changes are often unpublicized, and couched in confusing legalese that HR professionals have to attempt to translate into common language to understand what needs to be posted. This can lead to incomplete postings, risking costly fines for businesses in all locations.

CPC makes available our E-Checklist documents to help businesses easily see at a glance which postings are required for each of their locations, and to ensure that they have posted the correct documents. Prepared by our dedicated research staff which is helmed by a licensed attorney, these E-Checklists clearly and concisely list all required postings for a state, province, county, and/or city. A business can then confirm that they have the latest required posting for each, and if not, obtain the correct posting from CPC to mitigate any risk.

Simply log in to our corporate client dashboard and download the appropriate checklist for each of your locations, and you’ll be able to confirm that your business fully complies with all applicable labor laws.

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Add your logo and colors to virtually any poster. CPC’s unique All-On-One™ design places your company logo directly in the center of the poster and corporate colors throughout the borders to create a unique bold statement. Additionally, you can eliminate multiple corporate policies & procedure postings by combining them into one attractive Poly Vinyl poster.

Posters are available with a reverse-cling material, that sticks to windows or glass doors. This special material covers a wide array of products including gun notices/no smoking signs to be displayed for clients/patrons and employees.

Since it is the responsibility of the employer to complete the “fill-In” fields on the All-One-One™ Posters, including but not limited to Emergency Numbers, Payday Notice, and Workers Compensation details, custom posters can be printed with this data included.

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Compliance Poster Company has a well-qualified Legal Research Department managed by a licensed attorney to ensure that employers are timely and accurately informed about changes in the legal landscape, to ensure Compliance Poster Company’s compliance products meet legal standards, and to provide ongoing support to companies that have compliance questions and research requests.

  • The Legal Research Department’s researchers are experienced in reading, analyzing and explaining labor law statutes and standards so that companies understand their current responsibilities under the law. The research team also tracks proposed legislation and monitors federal, state and local agencies to make employers aware of recent and potential labor law posting changes.
  • The research team routinely verifies the content of every federal, state and local labor law and industry poster to ensure that posters are accurate and up-to-date. Researchers work with a talented in-house Graphics Department to implement posting changes as necessary or required by law.
  • Compliance Poster Company provides each organization with as much or as little information as the organization needs or desires to stay informed and in compliance with labor law notice requirements. There are several ways employers can stay informed:
    • Whenever there is mandatory posting update, the Legal Research Department sends out an Email Alert to customers with facilities in that location to advise them of mandatory posting updates. Email Alerts contain web links to poster updates for fast and easy online ordering.
    • The research team regularly posts informative blogs about labor law news, trends and mandatory posting changes on Compliance Poster Company’s website. Blog subscribers receive notice of new blog posts via email.
    • The research team also maintains a growing online Knowledge Base of articles and FAQs where employers can find more in-depth information about legal responsibilities.
  • Compliance Poster Company’s business partners can always speak directly with any of the research team members by telephone or via email when they have questions about changes in compliance responsibilities. The research team is available to answer questions, perform research requests and review labor law standards applicable to a specific organization, regardless of the organization’s size, location or industry. here

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