Federal Posters

Federal labor law Posters ensure federal employment law compliance

federal labor law postersAll businesses with one or more employees are required to post federal labor law posters. The posters must be located in your break room or in a place where employees and applicants visit every day. Failure to comply with posting requirements places an employer at risk for labor disputes as well as incurring fines and penalties. It is strongly recommended and in some states it’s a mandatory requirement to post a Spanish version of federal laws if members of your workforce speak Spanish as a primary language. All of our federal posters are available in both English and Spanish.  We also offer a Federal Labor Law Mobile Poster Pak for employers that have remote or offsite workers.

Federal contractors and their subcontractors have additional posting requirements that vary by industry sector.  We offer Federal Contractor posters that include the required postings for contractors in the construction, service and manufacturing sectors.

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