City/County Posters


Compliance Poster Company offers labor law posters for cities and counties that have mandatory posting requirements. If you operate a business in any of the cities or counties listed below, you will need to purchase the city/county poster in addition to your state All-On-One Poster. Local laws require city/county labor law posters to be displayed wherever any employee works. The posters can be posted in break rooms, in kitchens, near meeting rooms, near HR offices, or in other places where they are likely to be seen by employees and job applicants. Worksites that have widely dispersed work areas, that operate on multiple floors, or that have remote workers, may be required to post city/county labor law posters in multiple locations.

All cities/counties with mandatory posting requirements are listed below. To order, click on a link below or contact our Compliance Team today at 1-800-817-7678 to learn which city and county posters your company needs to stay in compliance.

Flagstaff – Minimum Wage Poster
Tucson – Non-Discrimination Poster

Alameda – Minimum Wage Poster
Belmont – Minimum Wage Poster
Berkeley – Minimum Wage Poster
Burlingame – Minimum Wage Poster
Cupertino – Minimum Wage Poster
Daly City – Minimum Wage Poster
East Palo Alto – Minimum Wage Poster
El Cerrito – Minimum Wage Poster
Emeryville – Minimum Wage/Sick Leave Poster
Emeryville – Service Charge Poster
Emeryville – Fair Workweek Ordinance Poster
Fremont – Minimum Wage Poster
Half Moon Bay – Minimum Wage Poster
Hayward – Minimum Wage Poster
Los Altos – Minimum Wage Poster
Los Angeles (City) – Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave Poster
Los Angeles (City) – Fair Chance Initiative
Los Angeles (City contractors) – Fair Chance Initiative
Los Angeles (County) – Minimum Wage Poster
Los Angeles (City) – LA Living Wage Poster
Los Angeles (City) – LA Airport Living Wage Poster
Los Angeles (Unincorporated County) – Minimum Wage Poster
Malibu – Minimum Wage Poster
Menlo Park – Minimum Wage Poster
Milpitas – Minimum Wage Poster
Mountain View – Minimum Wage Poster
Novato – Minimum Wage Poster
Oakland – Minimum Wage, Sick Leave and Service Charge Poster
Palo Alto – Minimum Wage Poster
Pasadena – Minimum Wage Poster
Petaluma – Minimum Wage Poster
Redwood City – Minimum Wage Poster
Richmond – Minimum Wage Poster
San Carlos – Minimum Wage Poster
San Diego – Minimum Wage Poster
San Francisco – Minimum Wage/Sick Leave/Consideration of Salary History Poster
San Francisco – Family Friendly Workplace and Healthcare Security Ordinance Poster
San Francisco – Fair Chance Ordinance for 5 or More Employees Poster
San Francisco – Fair Chance Ordinance for Housing Providers Poster
San Francisco – No Smoking Poster
San Francisco – Retail Bill of Rights Poster
San Francisco – Employment Discrimination Poster
San Jose – Opportunity to Work Poster
San Jose – Minimum Wage Poster
San Leandro – Minimum Wage Poster
San Leandro – Living Wage Poster
San Mateo – Minimum Wage Poster
Santa Clara – Minimum Wage Poster
Santa Monica – Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave Poster
Santa Monica (Hotel workers) – Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave & Service Charge Poster
Santa Rosa – Minimum Wage Poster
Sonoma – Minimum Wage Poster
South San Francisco – Minimum Wage Poster
Sunnyvale – Minimum Wage Poster

Denver – Minimum Wage Poster
City and County of Denver – Anti-Discrimination Poster

Broward County – Living Wage Poster
Hillsborough County – Health Warning Poster
Jacksonville County – Health Warning Poster
Miami-Dade County – Health Warning Poster
Orange County – Health Warning Poster
Palm Beach County – Health Warning Poster
Pinellas County – Health Warning Poster
Pinellas County – Wage Theft/Recover Poster

Chicago – Fair Workweek Poster
Chicago – No Smoking Poster
Chicago – Minimum Wage Poster
Cook County – Minimum Wage & Earned Sick Leave Poster

Portland – Minimum Wage Poster

Montgomery County – Minimum Wage Poster
Montgomery County – Earned Sick and Safe Leave Poster
Prince George’s County – Minimum Wage Poster

Ann Arbor – Living Wage Poster

Duluth – Earned Sick and Safe Time Poster
Minneapolis – Employment Rights Poster
Saint Paul – Earned Sick and Safe Time Poster
Saint Paul – Food Allergy Poster
Saint Paul – Minimum Wage Poster

New Mexico
Albuquerque – Minimum Wage Poster
Bernalillo County – Minimum Wage Poster
Bernalillo County – Employee Wellness Act Poster
Las Cruces – Minimum Wage Poster
Santa Fe (City) – Living Wage Poster
Santa Fe (County) – Living Wage Poster

New York
Nassau County – Living Wage Poster
New York – Food Allergy Poster
New York – Pregnancy Rights Poster
New York – Alcohol Pregnancy Warning Poster
New York – No Smoking and Electronic Cigarette Use Poster
New York – Single Sex Facilities Policy Poster
New York – Paid Safe and Sick Leave Poster
New York – Bill of Rights for Nail Workers Poster
New York – Fast Food Fair Workweek & Pay Deductions Posters
New York – Retail Fair Workweek Poster
New York – Temporary Schedule Change Poster
New York – Stop Sexual Harassment Act Poster
New York – Adult Choke Saving Poster
New York – Employment Agency Laws
New York – Job Hunter’s Bill of Rights
Westchester County – Safe Time Leave Poster

Philadelphia – Domestic Violence Leave Poster
Philadelphia – Public Accommodation Poster
Philadelphia – Employment Discrimination Poster
Philadelphia – Housing Discrimination Poster
Philadelphia – Pregnancy Accommodation Poster
Philadelphia – Paid Sick Leave Poster
Philadelphia – Fair Chance Hiring Law Poster
Philadelphia – Wage Theft Law Poster 
Philadelphia – Fair Workweek Law Poster
Pittsburgh – Paid Sick Time Poster

Austin – No Smoking Poster
San Antonio – Paid Sick Leave Poster

SeaTac – Minimum Wage Poster
Seattle – Seattle Workplace Poster
Seattle – Secure Scheduling Ordinance Poster
Tacoma – Minimum Wage & Paid Leave Poster