British Columbia, Canada All-On-One™ Poster


The British Columbia Canada All-On-One™ labour law poster notifies employees of provincial employment standards and health and safety information.

26″ x 40″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 83754

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Complete Compliance Posting Solution – the British Columbia, Canada All-On-One™ Labour Law Poster

The British Columbia All-On-One™ Labour Law Poster includes provincial labour law standards, human rights protections, and occupational health and safety notices to ensure employees stay informed of their employment rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Provincial Postings Include:

  • Employee Leaves
  • British Columbia Minimum Wage
  • Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • Human Rights Protection in British Columbia
  • Notice to Workers – Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulation
  • Health and Safety is Everyone’s Job
  • Notice to Workers: If you are Injured
  • First Aid Notice to Workers
  • Employment Insurance
  • Pay Day Notice
  • Emergency Numbers

British Columbia All-On-One Posters come with a FREE British Columbia Companion Poster

  • First time British Columbia All-On-One Poster orders ship with a FREE Companion Poster (CP). Subsequent British Columbia All-On-One Poster orders ship with an updated Companion Poster when the Companion Poster has major changes.
  • The Companion Poster is formatted with conveniently sectioned posting placeholders to allow posting copies of laws, regulations, employment standards, and workplace policies as required by law. Each section provides posting guidance, legal references, web locators, and contact information for governmental agencies to ensure complete posting compliance.

Companion Posting Placeholders Include:

  • Required Orders, Reports and Notices
  • Employer’s First Aid Procedures
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Meeting Reports
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Notice Regarding Location of Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations
  • Occupational Health & Safety Information Summary
  • Orders Relating to Joint Health & Safety Committee/Worker Representatives
  • Workers’ Compensation Board “Notice to Workers” Placard
  • Employer’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy