Delaware Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster


Post the Delaware Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster in the workplace to deter fraud and encourage reporting of false workers’ compensation claims.


12″ x 18″

SKU: 08300

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The Delaware Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster is an essential tool for any employer’s fraud prevention program. The poster provides examples of common forms of workers’ compensation fraud and describes the penalties for violating the law.

Workers’ compensation fraud hurts businesses and employees. High claim rates can cause workers’ compensation premiums to rise, forcing employers to slow hiring and cut back on employee benefits such as raises and health insurance benefits. Employees may believe that it’s okay to tell a “white lie” in regards to a workers’ compensation claim, but doing so can expose them to high penalties and even imprisonment.

Informing employees of prohibited conduct and the consequences of breaking the law can help deter fraud and encourage fraud reporting. The Delaware Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster is designed to help employees become aware of common forms of Workers’ Compensation fraud and the consequences for making fraudulent statements relating to a workers’ compensation claim.