Florida Nursing Home Residents Rights Poster

Florida Nursing Home Bill of Rights Poster


The Florida Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Poster may be posted to advise nursing home residents of their rights under state law.


17″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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Product Description

The Florida Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Poster provides information on some of the rights which are guaranteed to long-term residents of nursing homes under Florida state law and the Florida and United States Constitutions. The poster also provides contact information for the Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program which provides assistance to residents of long-term care facilities.

Under Florida law, long-term residents of care facilities have specific rights which they must be informed of, including the right to:

  • Be treated courteously, fairly, and with the fullest measure of dignity;
  • Participate in social, religious, and community activities that do not interfere with the rights of others;
  • Choose their own physician and pharmacy; and
  • Be free from abuse, corporal punishment, extended involuntary seclusion, and physical and chemical restraints except those ordered by a physician.

Who Should Post the The Florida Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Poster ?

The Florida Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Poster is intended for licensed facilities which provide for a period exceeding 24-hour nursing care, personal care, or custodial care for three or more persons not related to the owner or manager by blood or marriage, who by reason of illness, physical infirmity, or advanced age require such services.  It can be posted to let staff, residents, and visitors know that the facility takes the rights of residents seriously and is committed to their care.

Please contact us if you are in need of a Residents Bill of Rights Poster for an adult family care home or assisted living facility.

Notice Requirements for Florida Nursing Homes

Posting the Florida Nursing Home Residents Bill of Rights Poster is not sufficient to satisfy the notice requirements for nursing home licensees. The licensee for each nursing home must:

  • adopt and make public a statement of the rights and responsibilities of the residents of the facilities and treat residents in accordance with the provisions of that statement;
  • orally inform the resident of the resident’s rights and provide a copy of the required statement to each resident or the resident’s legal representative at or before the resident’s admission to the facility;
  • provide a copy of the resident’s rights to each staff member of the facility; and
  • prepare a written plan and provide appropriate staff training to implement the provisions of this section.

The written statement of rights must include a statement that a resident may file a complaint with the agency or state or local ombudsman council. The statement must be in boldfaced type and include the telephone number and e-mail address of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and the telephone numbers of the local ombudsman council and the Elder Abuse Hotline operated by the Department of Children and Families. (Florida Statutes, Sec. 400.022)