Montgomery County sick leave

Montgomery County, MD Earned Sick and Safe Leave Law


Employers are required to inform employees of their rights under the Montgomery County Earned Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance.


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The Montgomery County Earned Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance allows employees to accrue up to seven days (56 hours) of paid sick and safe leave per year. For employers with fewer than five employees, employees can accrue up to four days (32 hours) of paid leave and three days (24 hours) of unpaid leave. For employers with five or more employees, each employee can accrue up to 56 hours of paid sick and safe leave.

The poster identifies:

  • accrual rates and caps on usage
  • permitted uses of sick and safe leave time
  • coverage of employees and their family members
  • employee protection from retaliation for exercising rights under the law
  • contact information for the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights