Nevada Required Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster


All Nevada employers are required to post in original format and provide insurer information where indicated on the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster.

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Who is required to post the Nevada Workers’ Compensation  Informational Poster (D-1)?

Each employer governed by the provisions of Nevada’s Workers’ Compensation Law (chapters 616A to 617, inclusive, of NRS) is required to prominently display at his or her place of business the official Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster, Form D-1. (NRS 616A.490).

Covered employers include:

  • the State, and each county, city, school district, and all public and quasi-public corporations, without regard to the number of persons employed; and
  • every person, firm, voluntary association and private corporation, including any public service corporation, which has in service any person under a contract of hire.


What are the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster’s formatting and content requirements?

  1. The law specifies the type size of various terms and the required poster size.
  2. The notice must include the name, business address and telephone number of the employer’s industrial insurer’s or third-party administrator’s adjuster in the state that is located nearest to the employer’s place of business for their claims for workers’ compensation.
  3. The poster must be displayed in such a manner as to be readily visible by all employees.
  4. The poster must not be displayed unless it has been issued or approved by the Workers’ Compensation Section.

The Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster meets these formatting and content requirements. (NAC 616A.460).


What are the latest changes to the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster?

The Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster sets forth the definitions of “employer“, employee” and “independent contractor,” as those terms are defined in chapters 616A to 616D, inclusive, of NRS. The Poster also outlines workers’ rights and benefits if they are injured on the job or have an occupational disease. Finally, the posting provides contact information to appeal determinations, obtain assistance from independent state agencies, or file a workers’ compensation complaint with the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (DIR).

The Nevada DIR updates definitions as they are amended by recent legislation, changes to workers’ compensation claim forms, amendments to rights regarding medical treatment, and changes to benefit information. The Nevada DIR also routinely updates the contact information provided for the listed state agencies.


What are the penalties for failure to post the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Informational Poster?

Any employer who fails to post the notice required by NRS 616A.490 in a place that is readily accessible and visible to employees is guilty of a misdemeanor. (NRS 616D.270).

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