Private Employer NLRA USERRA Combo Poster


The NLRA USERRA Combo Poster fulfills employers’ USERRA communication responsibility and effective in the prevention of NLRA discrimination claims.

19″ x 26″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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Private Employer NLRA USERRA Combo Poster Description

The NLRA USERRA Poster for private employers combines two federal notices of employee rights on one convenient workplace poster.

NLRA posting description

The Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) posting informs private-sector employees of their federally-protected rights to organize and bargain collectively with their employers and to engage in other protected concerted activity, as well as their right to refrain from engaging in any of the above activity. Under the NLRA, employees have the right to:

  • Form, join or assist a union.
  • Bargain collectively with their employer regarding wages, benefits, hours, and other working conditions.
  • Discuss wages and benefits and other terms and conditions of employment with co-workers or a union.
  • Take action with one or more co-workers to improve working conditions.
  • Choose not to do any of these activities, including joining or remaining a member of a union.

USERRA posting description

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) covers veterans, applicants and members of the active and Reserve components of the U.S. armed forces. The Your Rights Under USERRA posting informs covered employees who voluntarily or involuntarily leave employment positions to undertake military service of their federally-protected reemployment rights. It covers eligibility for reemployment and covered health insurance rights, as well as the right to be free from discrimination and retaliation.

NLRA USERRA Notice Requirements

  • NLRA – Employers are not obligated to post the Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act posting, but may voluntarily post the notice in the workplace to communicate employees’ rights under the NLRA.
  • USERRA – Federal law requires employers to notify covered individuals of their rights under USERRA (38 U.S.C. 4334[a]). Employers may meet this requirement by posting a copy of the Your Rights Under USERRA notice in the workplace where notices to employees are customarily placed.