Ohio No Concealed Weapons Poster


The Ohio No Concealed Weapons Poster must be posted by private employers or person in control of property who wish to prohibit firearms on the premises.

12″ x 18″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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The Ohio No Concealed Weapons Poster informs individuals that unless otherwise authorized by law pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto the posted premises. The poster displays a silhouette of a firearm with the international “no” symbol (a red circle with a diagonal bar).

Under Ohio law, a person who has a concealed handgun license may carry a concealed firearm anywhere in the state, with specified exceptions, so long as they also carry a valid license and valid identification.

Posting Requirement

The owner or person in control of private land or premises, or a person leasing land or premises owned by the state or federal government, may prohibit persons from carrying firearms onto the premises by posting the Ohio No Concealed Weapons Poster. (O.R.C. 2923.126)

A business entity or private employer (not including a private university or other institution of higher education) may prohibit the presence of firearms or ammunition on the private employer’s premises or property, but may not prohibit an employee who is a concealed carry licensee from transporting or storing the a firearm inside the employee’s privately-owned motor vehicle. (O.R.C. 2923.1210)

The person in charge of specified locations is required to post the Ohio No Concealed Weapons Poster :

  • Child day-care center or type A/B family day-care center
  • Bureau of criminal investigation, sheriff’s office, highway patrol stations, police stations, jails, courthouses and courtrooms (including municipal)
  • Airport facilities
  • Government facilities of the state of Ohio or political subdivisions

See O.R.C. 2923.1212 for more information.