Ohio No Smoking Poster


Employers and proprietors of public places must post the Ohio No Smoking Poster in each place where smoking is prohibited, including entrances.


8.5″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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The Ohio No Smoking Poster informs patrons that there is no smoking inside the posted building using both English text and the international no smoking symbol. The poster also provides the toll-free enforcement number to report violations and cites the relevant section of the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio prohibits smoking inside and in areas immediately adjacent to all enclosed public places and places of employment. The person in charge of an establishment, facility, or outdoor area which is not subject to the smoking ban may voluntarily declare the area non-smoking by conspicuously posting the Ohio No Smoking Poster.

Posting Requirement

The employer or person in charge of a public place or place of employment is required to conspicuously post the Ohio No Smoking Poster in every place where smoking is prohibited, including at each entrance. The Ohio No Smoking Poster must be posted at a height and location easily seen by a person entering the public place or place of employment. (O.A.C. 3701-52-06)

A proprietor who violates this regulation will be subject to enforcement actions according to the following schedule:

(1) First violation – warning letter;

(2) Second violation – one hundred dollars;

(3) Third violation – five hundred dollars;

(4) Fourth violation – one thousand dollars; and

(5) Fifth or subsequent violation – two thousand five hundred dollars.