Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster


Protect your employees and the financial health of your business. Post the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster in the workplace to deter would-be fraudsters and encourage employees to report suspected fraud.

12″ x 18″ – Poly Vinyl

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The Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster is a tool that employers can use to effectively deter would-be fraudsters and encourage employees to report suspected fraud. The poster makes it conspicuously known that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation special investigations unit, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and employers are actively seeking out and investigating suspected workers’ compensation fraud and bringing perpetrators to justice.


How does the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster deter fraud?

Businesses are in the best position to implement early fraud intervention strategies.  Studies show that employee education and a strong anti-workers’ compensation fraud policy are two of the most effective fraud deterrents.  Posting the Workers’ Compensation Fraud prevention poster in the workplace:

  • Informs employees about the state’s anti-fraud law and the consequences if convicted of workers’ compensation fraud.
  • Describes the common ways in which workers’ compensation claimant fraud is committed.
  • Strongly encourages employees to report suspected fraud using the State’s workers’ compensation fraud hotline number.
  • Communicates the business’ firm policy against fraud and its active role in identifying suspected fraud.
  • Let’s employees know that their employer takes all workers’ compensation claims seriously and will pursue legal recourse if fraud is suspected.


How is workers’ compensation fraud treated under Ohio law?

Under Ohio law, an applicant/claimant commits workers’ compensation fraud when he or she:

  • Receives workers’ compensation benefits to which he or she is not entitled.
  • Makes false or misleading statements to secure workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Alters, falsifies, destroys, conceals or removes records or documents.
  • Conspires to commit workers’ compensation fraud.

Under Ohio law, applicant/claimant fraud is a crime and can be prosecuted as a first-degree misdemeanor or a third-, fourth-, or fifth-degree felony. Penalties include steep fines, jail sentences, full restitution of the benefits or value of services wrongfully received, and prosecution costs.


Get involved in workers’ compensation fraud prevention

Use the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster to start a dialog with your employees.  Fighting workers’ compensation fraud is everyone’s responsibility.