San Francisco Fair Chance & Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

San Francisco, CA Fair Chance & Paid Parental Leave Ordinance Poster


This poster combines additional posting requirements for San Francisco employers – the Fair Chance Ordinance and the Paid Parental Leave Ordinance.

19″ x 25″ – laminated both sides.

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San Francisco Fair Chance & Paid Parental Leave Ordinance Poster

The San Francisco Fair Chance & Paid Parental Leave Ordinance Poster covers two posting requirements for San Francisco employers. Covered employers must conspicuously post the Official Notices in every workplace and job site under the employer’s control.

  1. The San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance requires employers to follow strict rules regarding applicants’ and employees’ arrest and conviction record(s) and related information. The Ordinance prohibits covered employers (5 or more employees and city contractors and subcontractors) from asking about arrest or conviction records on a job application. The Ordinance also prohibits covered employers from considering the following:
    • An arrest not leading to a conviction, except for unresolved arrests.
    • Participation in a diversion or deferral of judgment program.
    • A conviction that has been dismissed, expunged, otherwise invalidated, or made inoperative.
    • A conviction in the juvenile justice system.
    • An offense other than a felony or misdemeanor, such as an infraction.
    • A conviction that is more than 7 years old.
    • A conviction for decriminalized conduct, including the non-commercial use and cultivation of cannabis.

To determine whether an employer meets the threshold number of employees, the total number of employees worldwide is counted.  The Fair Chance Ordinance covers employees and applicants  for jobs within the City and County of San Francisco.

2. The San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance (SF PPLO) requires covered employers (20 or more employees) to provide paid parental “baby bonding” leave benefits which equals the difference between the employee’s weekly benefit from the California Paid Family Leave (PFL) program and the employee’s normal gross weekly wages. Typically, this means that employers will pay 40% of the employee’s weekly gross wages during the 6-week leave beginning January 1, 2018.

The law applies to employers regardless of their location, but who have employees who work in the City of San Francisco. To determine whether an employer meets the threshold number of employees, employees who work within San Francisco and employees who work outside of San Francisco are counted.

Employees who meet ALL of the following requirements are covered under the SF PPLO and are entitled to receive Supplemental Compensation from their employer(s):

  • Commenced work for a covered employer(s) at least 180 days before start of state PFL payment period.
  • Work at least 8 hours per week for a covered employer(s).
  • Work in San Francisco for at least 40% of the weekly hours for a covered employer(s).
  • Receive California Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits.