San Jose Minimum Wage Poster

City of San Jose, CA Minimum Wage Poster


Employers that maintain a facility in San Jose, California or are subject to the San Jose Business License Tax and have employees who work within the geographical boundaries of the City must post the current Minimum Wage poster.


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Employee Protections

The San Jose, California, Minimum Wage Ordinance (S.J.M.C. 4.100) applies to all employers who are subject to the San Jose Business License Tax or who maintain a facility in San Jose. San Jose employers must pay to each employee who performs at least two (2) hours of work per week within City limits the effective minimum wage rate. The minimum wage rate is adjusted annually for inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The adjusted minimum wage rate is effective on each January 1.


  • Covered employers must post the current San Jose Minimum Wage Poster in a conspicuous place at the work site where labor law notices for employees are customarily posted.
  • The Minimum Wage Poster is required to be posted in any language spoken by at least 5% of the employees at the workplace or job site.
  • Employers must also provide each employee at the time of hire with the employer’s name, address, and telephone number in writing.
  • Employers must retain payroll records for a period of four (4) years.

Language Formats

This poster is available in 4 language formats: 4-language, bilingual, English & Spanish.


  • It is unlawful to discriminate in any manner or take adverse action against any person in retaliation for exercising their rights under the law.
  • The City will make every effort to resolve disputes informally. If it is unable to secure compliance, the City may issue a citation, initiate an administrative enforcement proceeding, or initiate a civil action for injunctive relief and damages.
  • An aggrieved employee may bring a civil action against an employer for reinstatement, back wages and civil penalties.
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