Washington Smoking is Prohibited within 25 Feet Sign


“No Smoking” Laws meet Initiative 901 amendment to the Washington “No Smoking” laws.

11″ x 8.5″ Poly Vinyl both sides

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Who is required to post the Washington Smoking is Prohibited within 25 Feet Sign?

The owner, lessee or other person in charge of a place where smoking is prohibited must post the Washington Smoking is Prohibited within 25 Feet Sign to inform workers, patrons and the public of the prohibition of smoking within or near the facility.  (RCW 70.160.050).  Signs must be posted conspicuously at each building entrance.  In the case of retail stores and retail service establishments, signs must be posted conspicuously at each entrance and in prominent locations throughout the place.

What does the law state?

No person may smoke in a public place or in any place of employment. (RCW 70.160.030). Smoking is prohibited within twenty-five feet of entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited so as to ensure that tobacco smoke does not enter the area through entrances, exits, open windows, or other means.  (RCW 70.160.175). The definition of “public place” includes bars, restaurants, bowling centers, skating rinks, and non-tribal casinos. The definition also includes private residences used to provide childcare, foster care, adult care, or similar social services, and at least 75 percent of the sleeping quarters within a hotel.

How is the law enforced?

Any person intentionally violating this chapter by smoking in a public place or place of employment, or any person removing, defacing, or destroying a sign required by this chapter, is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars.  (RCW 70.160.070).