California Unveils Online System for Reporting Employer Labor Law Violations

Turning in employers that violate labor laws just got easier for workers in California. Last week, the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and the Labor Commissioner’s Office introduced a new online tool, Report a Labor Law Violation, to report the types of employer violations that harm groups of workers and ultimately adversely impact the community. The online reporting system gives the Labor Commissioner’s Office real time leads on businesses that are breaking the law, which means real time solutions for affected workers.

The new system is easy to use. Anyone with information on any business committing a labor law violation can complete the online report. Examples of labor law violations include:

  • non-payment of minimum wage, overtime violations or not reimbursing business expenses
  • failure to provide rest or meal periods
  • failure to provide lactation accommodations
  • failure to provide itemized wage statements
  • failure to keep accurate time or payroll records
  • failure to maintain workers’ compensation insurance
  • misclassification of employees
  • child labor violations
  • failure to post required notices
  • licensing/registration violations

Reports are reviewed and prioritized for possible investigation. If investigators find that an employer is violating labor laws, they can issue citations including civil penalties and wages owed to the workers. Investigators will also work with the employer to correct the problem and ensure they comply with applicable labor laws.

The new system is for reporting wage theft or other widespread labor law violations. Individual complaints for unpaid wages or retaliation must be filed with the Labor Commissioner’s Office in person or by mail. Information and resources for individuals are available at the Wage Theft is a Crime website.

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