New Hampshire Amends Payment of Wages Rule

Employers in the state of New Hampshire have new obligations relating to the notification of and payment of wages as well as record-keeping requirements. Under the amended New Hampshire Administrative Rules Chapter Lab 803.01 Payment of Wages, employers must notify employees at the time of hiring and prior to any changes the rate of pay or salary, whether by daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or yearly, or by commissions, as well as the day and place of payment and the specific methods used to determine wages due. Employees must also be provided with a written or posted detailed description of employment practices and policies regarding fringe. Furthermore, employers need to inform his or her employees in writing of any changes to rate of pay, salary, or employment practices or policies prior to the effective date of the change.

The revised regulations also clarify that every employer must maintain on file a signed copy of the written notifications signed by the employee and provided to each employee. New Hampshire employers should take the time to review the amended Administrative Rule to make sure they are in compliance. For more information on the new amendments, click here.

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