Go Green


At Compliance Poster Company, we are committed to improving our environment to create a cleaner tomorrow. We strive to ensure that our clean printing processes comply with or exceed Federal EPA standards.


Eco-Friendly Toner Cartridges

  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Ozone Emission Filters
  • UL/UL-C Approved
  • 100% Toner Efficiency
  • Organic, Recyclable Drums
  • Recyclable Toner Containers

Recycled Paper
Did you know that recycling paper results in 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution when compared to producing virgin paper? Recycling also helps preserve our forests, minimize landfill composition, and actually costs less resulting in savings that we are able to pass on to you. These are just a few of the reasons why CPC uses recycled paper, both for our posters and in our operations. In addition, our on-demand production methods allow us to produce only what is needed for immediate shipment. To further reduce waste, we developed the innovative Peel ‘N Post overlay sticker that enables you to update a single notice on your existing poster without having to replace the entire poster.

Energy Efficient Production Methods
All printing facilities require power to operate but eco-friendly printing facilities consume significantly energy. CPC uses energy efficient state of the art equipment that  reduces machine and air cooling resulting in substantial energy savings. Plus, the toner cartridges we use do not require any chemical manufacturing resulting in further savings. And unlike petroleum-based inks, toner cartridges require no special ventilation, toxic solvents, or fireproof containers.

Environmental Management Plan
At CPC we have developed an Environmental Management Plan to create an environmentally-friendly, energy efficient workplace that minimizes our company’s eco-footprint. Our internal management practices are another way in which we avoid waste and save our customers money. Some of the ways we are maintaining an environmentally friendly workplace include:

  • Produce environmentally safe products and operate our business to produce less waste
  • Establish recycling programs and office practices that create less trash and soil contamination
  • Re-use office materials to lower operating costs and improve efficiency
  • Comply with all environmental regulations in our industry
  • Eliminate excess product packaging and use materials that contain at least 20% recycled content and that can be recycled
  • Decrease printing by making important product information available online for our customers
  • Source energy efficient office equipment and appliances
  • Institute a water efficiency program and provide employees with filtered water to reduce new water bottle waste
  • Recycle all waste materials and integrate responsible environmental practices into our daily operations
  • Set goals that challenge us to increase efficiency and reduce waste so that we can pass the savings on to our customers

To learn more about our eco-friendly labor law posters, contact the CPC Compliance Team today at 1-800-817-7678.