Agricultural Tractor Safety Poster


The Agricultural Tractor Safety Poster can be used to fulfill OSHA informational requirements for tractor operators and provide yearly renewal training.

Bilingual – English and Spanish.

19″ x 26″ – Poly Vinyl poster.

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Product Description

The federal Agricultural Tractor Safety Poster provides the 9-point Employee Operating Instructions list required by OSHA. The poster also includes a 6-point “Inspect Your Equipment” checklist to ensure that agricultural tractor operators follow safe handling procedures. The text is provided in both English and Spanish.

Tractors have been identified by the National Coalition for Agricultural Safety and Health as the leading cause of death on farm work sites. Tractor accidents also cause a high number of disabling injuries and other non-fatal injuries. Studies of tractor injuries have found that a lack of safety consciousness from tractor operators contributed to the high rate of injury. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that up to 80% of injuries on farm work sites are preventable and caused by a lack of safety awareness.

Agriculture employers can protect workers – and improve their bottom line –  by ensuring that workers are are consistently reminded of proper procedures for the safe operation of agricultural tractors. The Agricultural Tractor Safety Poster is an essential safety tool, whether used once per year for tractor safety training or posted year-round to refresh and reinforce training.

Posting Requirement

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to inform every employee who operates an agricultural tractor of safe operating practices and of any other work practices required by the environment. Employees must be given tractor safety information at the time of initial assignment and retraining at least once per year. (29 CFR 1928.51(d))

Post the Agricultural Tractor Safety Poster in areas where workers can frequently see it to let them know that safety is a priority in your work place.

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