Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster


The Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster is compliant with federal posting requirements for agricultural workers who handle pesticides or work where pesticides have recently been used.

19″ x 26″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 74401

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The Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster provides hazard communication  and pesticide safety information for employees who work in agricultural settings where pesticides are used, such as fieldworkers or pesticide handlers.

The high-quality Poly Vinyl surface allows you to fill in required-to-communicate data. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires pesticide safety posters to be updated within 24 hours of changes to mandatory information.

The Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster Includes:

  • General Information about pesticides and the hazard communication program
  • Information on employee rights
  • Fill-in section for regional State or Tribal pesticide regulatory agency (EPA requirement)
  • Information on mandatory Training/Education for employees who work or around with pesticides
  • Information on Hazard Identification, including signal words for pesticide hazards
  • Information on Labels and Other Warnings, including an image of a standard pesticide label
  • Information on Exposure Monitoring, including fill-in sections for disclosure of organophosphate or carbamate pesticide exposure (California requirement)
  • Information on required Records, including a fill-in section for record location
  • Important information on Safety Tips and First Aid (EPA requirement)
  • Fill-in section for emergency medical care (EPA requirement)

Posting Requirements

The Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster is compliant with EPA requirements for pesticide safety information posters under the Worker Protection Standard (40 CFR 170), effective January 2, 2018. Agricultural employers are required to display, maintain, and provide access to pesticide safety information posters if a) agricultural workers or pesticide handlers are on the establishment, and b) a pesticide product has been used, or a restricted entry-level interval (REI) for pesticide has been in effect, within the past 30 days.

The Agriculture Pesticide Safety Poster must be posted:

  • In a central location on the farm or in the nursery or greenhouse where it can be readily seen and read by workers; or in a location in or near the forest in a place where it can be readily seen and read by workers and where workers are likely to congregate or pass by, such as at an equipment storage site.
  • At permanent decontamination sites.
  • At sites where decontamination supplies are being provided at locations and in quantities to meet the requirements for 11 or more workers or handlers.