Alaska No Smoking Poster

Alaska No Smoking Poster


The Alaska No Smoking Poster must be posted at all entrances of a place where smoking and vaping is prohibited.


8.5″ x 11″ – laminated both sides.

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The Alaska Smoke Free Act regulates smoking in certain places. Effective October 1, 2018, smoking and vaping is not allowed in enclosed public places and places of employment.

Smoking and vaping is prohibited in:

  • all places of employment including vehicles
  • office buildings and offices
  • hotels and motels
  • restaurants and bars
  • retail stores and shopping centers
  • common areas in an apartment building or multiple-family dwelling
  • public or private educational facilities
  • places of government or public assembly
  • public transportation facilities, including bus shelters, airport terminals, transit depots
  • health care facilities, including residential units in health care facilities
  • in buildings or homes used to provide paid child care whether or not children are present in the building, or in buildings or residences, or care for adults on a fee-for service basis
  • vessels operating as a shore-based fisheries business
  • entertainment venues or sport arenas
  • busses, ferries, taxis, or other vehicles used to public transportation

Posting Requirements:

The “Smoking Prohibited by Law – Maximum Fine $50” sign is required where smoking and vaping is prohibited. Each poster must include the international symbol for no smoking or include the words “No Puffin” with a pictorial representation of a puffin holding a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle crossed with a red bar. It is recommended that at least one sign be posted on or near the entry and throughout the facility as needed. If a person in charge designates a smoking area, that person in charge is responsible for making reasonable accommodations using separation, partition or ventilation that ensures that nonsmokers in the place or vehicle are not subject to second-hand smoke from smokers. (AS § 18.35.330)