Bullying in the Workplace Poster


Workplace bullying is a significant problem that is both costly and harmful. Both employers and employees benefit from recognizing and stopping workplace bullying.

19″ x 26″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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Bullying in the Workplace Poster Details

The Bullying in the Workplace Poster addresses the costly, but all-too-common occurrence known as workplace bullying.  Workplace bullying is extremely destructive to the working environment, costly to employers, and carries potentially serious health consequences for employees who are targets of this negative behavior.  Fortunately, workplace bullying can be effectively stopped given the appropriate education and training of employees, managers and supervisors and the by-in of leadership.

The Bullying in the Workplace Poster is an investment in your workforce and the first step toward the prevention and intervention of workplace bullying that may threaten your workplace or the workplace of someone you know.  Strikingly, this poster illustrates the magnitude of workplace bullying experienced by employees.  By educating and training employees, managers and supervisors, the poster also provides workers with real solutions.  Using the most widely accepted terminology associated with this conduct, this informative poster describes and gives examples of the following:

  • abusive conduct
  • bullying behavior and tactics
  • effects of workplace bullying on employees
  • effects of workplace bullying for employers
  • what employees and employers can do about workplace bullying

Bullying in the Workplace Prevention

Research shows that most workplace bullies are in a position of authority, but this is not always the case.  Coworkers and customers can also perpetrate workplace bullying.  Bullying often persists as a result of poor leadership, lack of education and training, and tolerance.  As a result, workplace cultures suffer, employee morale is diminished and productivity is compromised.  Employers who empower their employees, encourage reporting, establish a zero tolerance policy and take affirmative measures to intervene greatly improve the health, engagement and productivity of the workplace community and reduce their exposure to hostile work environment claims.  Employees who know how to protect themselves from bullying and what to do if they experience or witness workplace bullying are vital to the wellness of the community.  Use the Bullying in the Workplace Poster as the cornerstone of your bullying in the workplace policy and the starting point for your training program to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

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