California Notice of Licensure by the Dental Board


Every location where dental work is practiced in California, including dental offices, hospitals, and clinics, is required to post the California Notice of Licensure by the Dental Board (16 CCR §1065)

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Who must post the California Notice of Licensure by the Dental Board?

California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1065 requires licensed dentists engaged in the practice of dentistry to provide conspicuous notification that dentists in California are licensed and regulated by the Dental Board of California. In addition to the notice of licensure, the notice provides the toll-free telephone number and website of the Dental Board of California.

  • Dentists are required to comply even if their practice setting is a traditional dental office.
  • This regulation applies to every location where dental work is practiced in California, and that includes hospitals, nursing homes and dental clinics.
  • A California dentist offering dental services outside of California is not required to provide this notice to out-of-state patients.

What are the posting location and size requirements?

The Notice of Licensure is required to be prominently posted in a conspicuous location accessible to public view on the premises where the dentist provides the licensed services (e.g., waiting room, discharge location.) The notice is required to be in at least 48-point type font.

What is the rationale for the posting requirement?

The purpose of the notice is to promote communication with the public regarding the role of the Board and, by providing the Board’s contact information, access to the public services it offers, e.g., license verifications, statutes and regulations, or the complaint process if a problem should arise. Because an informed consumer is in a better position to make a reasoned choice relating to dental healthcare, the regulations promote the Dental Board of California’s highest priority to protect the public.

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In addition, California dental practitioners should be aware that in places where dentistry is practiced, Business and Professions Code, Section 1700(c) requires the practice to display the name of each person employed in the practice of dentistry.

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