California Pesticide Safety Poster - Farmworkers

California Pesticide Safety Posters


California Pesticide Safety Posters are required for employers whose employees handle pesticides or work in pesticide-treated fields. Available in English and Spanish.

19″ x 25″ – laminated both sides.

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California Pesticide Safety Posters contain mandatory safety information for employees who work with or around pesticides in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings.

  • Farmworkers Poster (#05412 / #05413): Must be posted whenever employees are working as fieldworkers in a field that has been treated with pesticide or has had a restricted entry interval or entry restricted period in effect within the past 30 days. California Code of Regulations, Section 6761(a).
  • Pesticide Handlers on Farms Poster (#05414 / #05415): Must be posted before any employee is allowed to handle pesticides in an agricultural setting. “Handling” includes direct contact with pesticides (such as mixing or applying pesticides or incorporating pesticides into soil) as well as indirect contact (such as maintaining equipment that may contain pesticide residue). California Code of Regulations, Section 6723(a).
  • Non-Agricultural Pesticide Handler Poster (#05416 / #05417): Must be posted before any employee is allowed to handle pesticides in a non-agricultural setting, such as in an industrial/institutional setting or while working for a structural pest control business, rights-of-way maintenance company, or similar business. California Code of Regulations, Section 6723(a).

For each poster, the employer is required to fill in the information specified and, in the case of emergency medical care information, update the information on the poster within 24 hours of changes.The high-quality laminated surface allows you to fill in mandatory-to-communicate data, then erase and replace as information changes.

California Pesticide Safety Posters must be displayed at a central location at the worksite, all permanent decontamination facilities, and decontamination facilities serving 11 or more handlers. If fieldworkers gather at a central location prior to transportation to the worksite, the employer may instead post the Pesticide Safety for Farmworkers Poster  at that central location rather than at the worksite.