California Workers’ Compensation Time of Hire Pamphlet


California employers are required to distribute to employees information about their rights and benefits under various state programs.

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California law requires all employers to provide each new employee, either at the time of hire or by the end of their first pay period, with written notice of their rights, benefits and obligations under the California Workers’ Compensation Law. The California Time of Hire Workers’ Compensation Pamphlet is approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to satisfy the employer’s notification requirement.

The pamphlet explains:

  • what is workers’ compensation
  • what are the California workers’ compensation benefits
  • where to obtain assistance with problems
  • current total disability, permanent disability and death benefit rates
  • prohibition of discrimination related to filing a claim, settlement, or providing testimony
  • obtaining medical care, Medical Provider Networks and predesignation of personal physician
  • physician predesignation form
  • chiropractor or personal acupuncturist predesignation form

California employers are required to distribute to employees specific pamphlets to inform them about their rights and protections under various state programs. Pamphlets and posters are sold separately. Required pamphlets include:

  • Required California Workers’ Compensation Time of Hire Pamphlet (#05302 English, #05304 Spanish) – Title 8, California Code of Regulations section 9880 and Labor Code section 3551 require employers to provide to every new employee, either at the time of hire or by the end of the first pay period, this notice of workers’ compensation rights, benefits and obligations under the Workers’ Compensation law.
  • Required California State Disability Booklet (DE 2515) (#05303 English, #05306 Spanish) – Employers must provide a copy of this pamphlet to each newly hired employee and to each employee leaving work due to pregnancy or due to sickness or injury that is not related to his/her job.
  • Required California State Unemployment Pamphlet (DE 2320) (#05305 English, #05307 Spanish) – Title 22, California Code of Regulations section 1089-1 (d) requires an employer to provide this pamphlet to an employee whenever the employer discharges, lays off, or places the employee on leave of absence.
  • Required California Paid Family Leave Pamphlet  (DE 2511) (#05705 English, #05708 Spanish) – Employers are required to provide the Paid Family Leave pamphlet to new employees and employees who request leave to care for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new child.
  • Required Sexual Harassment Pamphlet (#05300/#05301)

Other California Required Pamphlets

California employers can find other required and recommended pamphlets through this link.

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