New York City Fast Food Fair Workweek Poster

City of New York, NY Fast Food Fair Workweek & Pay Deductions Posters


The New York City Fast Food Fair Workweek & Pay Deductions Posters must be displayed at each fast food establishment.

11″ x 17″ – laminated both sides.

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On November 26, 2017 the City of New York implemented five laws that collectively have been referred to as the “Fair Workweek Law.” Under the new legislation, fast food employers must provide workers with predictable work schedules and the opportunity to work newly available shifts before hiring new workers. Furthermore, employers must honor worker requests to deduct voluntary payments from their paychecks to send to nonprofits that have a registration letter from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Employers, including subcontractors and temporary help firms, whose workers perform certain tasks at a fast food establishment in New York City are covered by the law. A fast food establishment:

  • primarily serves food and beverages;
  • is where customers pay before eating on or off premises;
  • offers limited service;
  • is part of a chain; and
  • is one of 30 or more establishments nationally, including as part of an integrated enterprise or as separately owned franchises.

Posting Requirements

Employers in the fast food industry are required to display the Fast Food Fair Workweek Poster and the Fast Food Pay Deductions Poster where employees can easily see them (NYC Administrative Code, §20-1205). Employers must also display these posters in any language that is the primary language of at least five percent of the workers at a workplace.