City of Saint Paul, MN Minimum Wage Posters


Employers within the geographic bounds of Saint Paul, MN can comply with the Minimum Wage Ordinance notice requirement by posting one of these minimum wage posters in the workplace.


8.5″ x 14″ – laminated both sides.

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Saint Paul, MN Minimum Wage Ordinance

On November 15, 2018, the Mayor of Saint Paul, MN signed an ordinance which institutes a municipal minimum wage for the city. The ordinance sets different rates for the city government and for private employers depending on the number of employees.

The first increase, affecting the City of Saint Paul and macro businesses (employing more than 10,000 persons) will go into effect on January 1, 2020. These employers will be required to pay a minimum wage of $12.50 per hour. The minimum wage will increase on July 1, 2020 for other employers:

July 1, 2020 minimum wage:

  • Macro businesses and City of Saint Paul: $12.50 per hour
  • Large businesses (employing more than 100 persons): $11.50 per hour
  • Small businesses (employing 100 or fewer persons): $10.00 per hour
  • Micro businesses (employing 5 or fewer persons): $9.25 per hour

Who does the ordinance cover?

The Ordinance covers all employees performing work within the Saint Paul city limits. “Employee” is defined the same way the State of Minnesota defines employee at Minnesota Statutes Sec. 177.23. For purposes of the ordinance, “employee” does not include the following:

  • Employees classified as extended employment program workers as defined in Minnesota Rules part 3300.2005, subpart 18 and participating in the Minnesota Statutes Sec. 268A.15 extended employment program.
  • Persons with disabilities receiving home and community-based services identified in Minnesota Statutes Sec. 245D.03, subdivision 1, paragraph (c), clauses (4), (5), (6), and (7).
  • Independent contractors.

Posting Requirement

Every employer covered by the Saint Paul, MN Minimum Wage Ordinance is required to give notice on an annual basis that: employees are entitled to the minimum wage and have the right to report a violation if payment of minimum wage is denied, or retaliated against for requesting payment of minimum wage, or retaliated against for reporting a violation of the law.

Employers can comply with this notice requirement by displaying the appropriate City of Saint Paul Minimum Wage Poster in a conspicuous and accessible place in each establishment where covered employees are employed, such as in a breakroom, by a punch clock, or in a common work meeting room. (Saint Paul, MN Code of Ordinances, Sec. 224.08(c))

  • Businesses with 10,000+ employees must post the Saint Paul Macro Minimum Wage Poster.
  • Businesses with 101-10,000 employees must post the Saint Paul Large Minimum Wage Poster.
  • Businesses with 6-100 employees must post the Saint Paul Small Minimum Wage Poster.
  • Businesses with 1-5 employees must post the Saint Paul Micro Minimum Wage Poster.