OSHA Confined Spaces Safety Poster

Confined Space Safety Poster


The Confined Space Safety Poster trains workers to recognize hazards associated with confined spaces and the appropriate safety procedures.

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Product Description

The Confined Space Safety Poster provides safety information for working within “non-permit” and “permit-required” confined spaces. Confined spaces – such as manholes, crawl spaces, and tanks – are not designed for continuous occupancy and are difficult to exit in the event of an emergency. People working in confined spaces may face life-threatening hazards including toxic substances, electrocutions, explosions, and asphyxiation.

The Confined Space Safety Poster informs workers about these spaces, the hazards they may present, and ways to safely work in them. It covers:

  • Permit-required and non-permit confined spaces
  • Confined space entry requirements, including human controls, atmospheric quality, safety procedures
  • Common confined space hazards, including types of atmospheric and physical hazards
  • Confined space controls, including atmospheric and physical controls
  • Essential elements of a confined space program, including warning signs, hazard identification procedures, training, equipment and PPE, entry and closure procedures, and rescue and emergency measures

Post as a reminder to employees of safety measures they can take every day to prevent injuries.

Who Should Post the Confined Space Safety Poster?

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their workers. Training employees and providing visual reinforcement of goals by posting safety procedures in the vicinity of the work is one of the best ways to protect workers from injuries in the workplace.

The Confined Space Safety Poster should be posted in training rooms or worksite areas frequented by employees who are commonly required to move through or work within confined spaces during the course of their work.

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