Cupertino California Minimum Wage

City of Cupertino, CA Minimum Wage Poster


All Cupertino employers with employees who perform at least two hours’ work per week within City limits must post the Cupertino, California Minimum Wage Poster.

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City of Cupertino, CA Minimum Wage Poster Description

Each year, employers that are licensed or have a facility in the City of Cupertino are required to post the annual City of Cupertino California Minimum Wage Poster.

  1. Employees who perform at least two hours of work per week within City limits are entitled to be paid at least the effective minimum wage rate. Tips do not count toward the minimum wage requirement.
  2. The minimum wage rate is adjusted every year for inflation as determined by the local Consumer Price Index.
  3. Employees are entitled to be informed of the current minimum wage rate by a posted notice in the workplace. Employers are required to post the notice in English, Hindi and Mandarin. The Minimum Wage poster also includes the notice in Spanish and Vietnamese.
  4. The City Cupertino California Minimum Wage Poster identifies the effective minimum wage rate and describes employee rights and remedies – employee protection from retaliation, and enforcement procedures, and provides City contact information.
  5. Employees who believe their rights under the City Ordinance have been violated may file a suit against their employers or file a complaint with the City.
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