District of Columbia Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act Poster


All employers located in the District of Columbia or that employ employees to perform work within the District are required to post the official summary of the Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act provisions.

English and Spanish.


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The Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act of 2014 (WTPAA) requires employers to provide written notices to employees of their employment status, to clarify administrative procedures for enforcement of District of Columbia wage laws, and to enhance applicable remedies, fines, and administrative penalties. 

Written Notice
The required written notice should provide detailed employment information to new employees at the time of hire, and to each employee whenever the information changes. The notice must include:

• The name of the employer and employer’s DBA name(s).
• The physical address of the employer’s main office or principal place of business, and a mailing address if different.
• The telephone number of the employer.
• The employee’s rate of pay and the basis of that rate (i.e., hourly, salary, credits, living wage, or prevailing wage).
• The employee’s regular payday designated by the employer.

Posted Notice
The District of Columbia Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act Poster must be posted in a conspicuous place in the workplace, alongside other District of Columbia required posters. The poster provides information on the written notice requirement, wage payment liabilities, fines and penalties, notice of complaints, and rules against retaliation.