Facility Inspection Checklist Forms


The Facility Inspection Checklist can be used on a monthly basis to ensure business locations are in compliance with labor, health and safety guidelines.


8.5″ x 11″ sheets – 20 per pack.

SKU: 74827

The law requires additional posters for your industry

Pick your industry to be in complete compliance with all state and federal labor laws for your state and industry.

Product Description

The Facility Inspection Checklist is a fill-in form which allows inspectors to evaluate essential facility conditions to ensure compliance and safety. Space is provided on the form to note the date, inspector, and location. CPC has made this form available in packs of 20 sheets.

The Facility Inspection Checklist includes 34 facility conditions to rate, including:

  • State/Federal labor law and safety posters displayed
  • OSHA log updated
  • New employee safety orientations conducted
  • Ventilation and illumination adequate in all areas
  • Fire extinguishers of proper size and type for each location are properly charged and maintained
  • Electric tools and machinery are properly grounded
  • No Smoking rules are enforced in restricted areas
  • Emergency exits are clearly identified, adequate number
  • Waste receptacles are emptied before completely full

Conditions can be rated as Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or requiring Immediate Attention.

Who Should Use the Facility Inspection Checklist?

The Facility Inspection Checklist is recommended for any business with one or more physical locations. They are an essential tool for operations, Human Resources, and other facility representatives to use prior to an upcoming inspection or a regular basis to ensure compliance and adherence to proper safety procedures.