Federal Smoking Permitted Poster - Bilingual

Federal Smoking Permitted Poster


Post the Federal Smoking Permitted Poster to designate a smoking-permitted area in a public place or place of employment.


8.5″ x 11″ – laminated both sides.

SKU: 74724

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Product Description

The Federal Smoking Permitted Poster displays the words “Smoking Permitted” in both English and Spanish. The text is printed in large red letters so it can be easily seen from a distance.

In order to protect the health, safety, and comfort of employees and customers, some businesses choose to designate a smoking area which is enclosed or otherwise distinct from the general business environment. The Federal Smoking Permitted Poster can be used to comply with posting requirements for states which require a generic Smoking Permitted sign to be posted wherever smoking is permitted.

Post the Federal Smoking Permitted Poster at the entrance and inside of a designated smoking area to let customers and employees know that smoking is allowed within the posted area.

Posting Requirement

The majority of states have specific requirements regarding an business owner’s or employer’s responsibility to maintain a smoke-free environment. Some states allow for the designation of areas in workplaces or public places where smoking is permitted, which must be marked with a sign indicating that smoking is permitted.

Some states require Smoking Permitted signs to adhere to a format specific to that state, while others do not allow for the designation of a smoking area. For more information on how to comply with your state’s smoking laws, please contact a compliance adviser.