Food Safety Sense Proper Ice Handling Poster


Meets the FDA’s regulatory guidelines for the proper handling of ice. This poster is a must have in every food preparation area to remind employees of the importance of proper food preparation procedures.

11″ x 8.5″ Laminated both sides

SKU: 74506

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Proper Ice Handling Methods
The Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code contains the Federal regulations for preventing contamination of ice in restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, institutions, and vending locations. This poster contains tips on handling ice safely to prevent contamination. But it doesn’t stop there, we have included tips on maintenance, food employee precautions, and general ice safety. Our poster will help you train employees and maintain a safe kitchen.



74502 – Proper Cooking Temperatures and Cooling Methods
74503 – Proper Produce Handling Procedures
74504 – Prevent Cross-Contamination
74505 – Keep This Kitchen Clean
74506 – Proper Ice Handling Methods
74507 – The Guidelines for Handling Ground Beef Safely