Malibu California Minimum Wage Poster

Malibu, CA Minimum Wage Poster


All employers with employees who perform at least 2 hours’ work per week within the City of Malibu, California must post this notice.

8.5″ x 11″ – laminated both sides

SKU: 05079

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Product Description

This poster identifies key elements of the City’s Minimum Wage Ordinance. Specifically, the posting details the incremental minimum wage rates effective from 7/1/16 through 7/1/2022 and annual indexed adjustments. Different wage rates apply to large employers (26 or more employees) and small employers (25 or less employees).

The poster also describes the form of individual notice an employer must provide to new hires, including information about the entity and the terms of employment. The required contents of pay statements is also detailed.

Employees are informed of their protection from retaliation for exercising their rights and of the right to file a complaint and sue their employers for violations of the Ordinance. Contact information for the City and State enforcement agencies is also provided.