New Mexico No Firearms Poster

New Mexico No Firearms Poster


New Mexico law, prohibiting firearms in licensed liquor establishments, provides an exception for certain restaurants, unless the restaurant has posted the No Firearms sign. This poster provides notice of a firearm restriction for any business.

8.5″ x 11″ Laminated both sides

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Concealed Carry May Be Prohibited in Establishments Displaying the New Mexico No Firearms Poster

New Mexico permits law permits concealed carrying of weapons in most business establishments, with some exceptions. For example, it is unlawful to carry a firearm in most establishments licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages. It is also unlawful to carry a concealed firearm in an establishment that prohibits carrying concealed firearms upon the private property of the business by displaying the proper no firearms signage.

  • Restaurants – Section 30-7-3 NMSA permits licensees to carry a concealed weapon in a restaurant that sells only beer and wine that derive at least 60% of annual gross receipts from the sale of food for consumption on the premises, unless the restaurant has a sign posted, in a conspicuous location at each public entrance, prohibiting the carrying of firearms.
  • Business establishments – Section NMAC provides that a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun may not carry a concealed handgun on or about his person on private property that has signs posted prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons or when verbally told so by a person lawfully in possession of the property.

New Mexico No Firearms Poster

The New Mexico No Firearms Poster clearly notifies patrons of a business establishment of the firearms restriction in the establishment or upon the private property of the business.  The New Mexico No Firearms poster uses plain language and the international No Firearms symbol to communicate the restriction. Prohibiting firearms by posting the proper signage may enhance the safety of the business’ operations and its patrons, is more effective that verbally communicating the business’ firearms policy, and may improve the goodwill of the business.