No Headphones Sign


Post the No Headphones Sign to let employees and the public know that use of headphones is not allowed.

Bilingual – English and Spanish.

8.5″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 74834

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Product Description

The No Headphones Sign displays the message “No Headphones” in English and Spanish. It also contains an image of a pair of headphones with the international “no” symbol.

Some business experts discourage the use of headphones in the workplace, as it may isolate workers from communicating with their team or result in lowered productivity.

OSHA also generally discourages the use of headphones in the workplace because they can distract workers and drown out noises in the environment which may warn of a potential safety hazard. If headphones are allowed, management and employees must be made aware that “Walkmen type devices” pose a hazard to hearing if they are played too loud for any significant length of time.

According to a standing 1987 OSHA memorandum, allowing an employee to use headphones worn over ear protection or in environments with high noise levels is a violation of OSHA’s hearing protection standard.

Who Should Post the No Headphones Sign?

The No Headphones Sign is ideal for work environments such as construction sites, warehouses, or industrial work sites where the use of headphones may be a safety hazard.

Schools, offices, stores, libraries, and other businesses may wish to post the No Headphones Sign to let employees and the public know that headphones are prohibited in the posted location.