No Weapons Poster


Display the No Weapons Poster at each business entrance to clearly state that guns, knives or weapons are not allowed on the premises.

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Product Description

The No Weapons Poster informs patrons and employees that no guns, knives, or other weapons are allowed on the posted premises. Available in English, Spanish, or bilingual English/Spanish format.

Display this poster at all business entrances to prohibit the carrying of weapons within the building or at the location. Also available as a window cling.

Who Should Post the No Weapons Poster?

Private businesses may wish to prohibit workers or the public from carrying guns, knives, or other weapons onto the premises for liability or public safety reasons. Post the Federal No Weapons Poster at each entrance to inform individuals of your policy and deter the carrying of weapons on the premises.

Note: Some states, cities, and counties have additional signage requirements in order for a weapons ban to be valid. Additionally, some states, cities, and counties may exempt certain locations from a posted weapons ban. Consult your compliance advisor to learn which posting requirements apply to your business.