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OSHA Lockout/Tagout Poster


Employers that post safety precautions have fewer workplace injuries. Ensure your employees are protected from equipment and systems that are vulnerable to unexpected energization.

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The Federal Control of Hazardous Energy Standard (“Lockout/Tagout”) (29 CFR 1910.147) requires employers to establish lockout/tagout procedures to prevent unexpected energization, start up or release of stored energy in energy isolating devices. The standard requires employers to train employees to ensure they understand the purpose and function of the energy control procedures and have the knowledge and skills required to apply the energy controls.

Employers can use the Federal Lockout/Tagout Poster as part of its lockout/tagout training and retraining program. The poster also provides a ready reference and procedural checklist when posted near the energy source. The poster describes:

  • specific procedural steps for shutting down, isolating, blocking and securing machines or equipment to control hazardous energy
  • specific procedural steps for the placement, removal and transfer of lockout devices or tagout devices and the responsibility for them
  • specific requirements for testing a machine or equipment during a lockout/tagout
  • restoring equipment to service
  • utility shutoff locations
  • emergency numbers
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