City of Seattle, WA Workplace Poster


All employers with one or more employees that perform work within the geographic boundaries of the city of Seattle, Washington are required to post the official Workplace Poster.


12″x 18″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

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City of Seattle, WA Workplace Poster – Employee Notice Provisions

The Seattle Workplace Poster covers four mandatory notice requirements:

  • Paid Sick and Safe Time – All employers operating in Seattle must provide their employees with paid leave to take care for their own health or to care for a family member. Paid leave may also be used to handle matters relating to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or public heath issues. The amount of Paid Sick and Safe Time available depends on the employer size.
  • Fair Chance Employment – The law limits the use of conviction and arrest records. The posting lists when employers are prohibited from seeking or using criminal history, and when and under what circumstances use of criminal record in making employment decisions is permissible.
  • Minimum Wage – The applicable minimum wage rate is based on employer size. For large employers, the minimum wage rate depends on whether the employer offers health benefits to employees. For small employers, the  minimum wage rate depends on whether the employer offers a set amount for medical benefits or the employee earns a set minimum in tips per hour. Seattle’s minimum wage rate is adjusted each year for inflation.
  • Wage Theft  – Employers must pay all compensation owed on each pay day. Wage owed includes the minimum wage or higher amount as promised, overtime pay, pay for rest breaks, tips and service charges, and pay for any off the clock work. Employers must provide employees with an itemized pay statement each pay day.


The Seattle Workplace Poster provides contact information for the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLSE). The OLSE provide compliance assistance, training, complaint intake and investigations.

Employers have additional written notice responsibilities, including providing employer information and terms of employment to new hires and employees as required by the Wage Theft Ordinance, and the employer’s policy and procedures for administering Paid Sick and Safe Time Leave, as provided in Chapters 14.16, 14.17, 14.19 and 14.20 of the Seattle Municipal Code. Free forms for providing employer information to new hires can be downloaded here.